Author: Randy

Ceramic vs porcelain tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles impermeability and resistance Terms porcelain and ceramic are often used interchangeably, yet they definitely aren’t one and the same. Even though, they both belong to the ceramics family, their manufacturing process imparts them with slightly different qualities. It doesn’t mean that one is superior over another but rather that ceramic and […]

Tile Installation Process

How Difficult is Tile Installation? Before you pick out your tile, you want to have a good idea of what you will be using the space for and what environment it is in. Installation in outdoor areas where freezing and thawing occur, or installation in a wet area such as a shower, involve some extra […]

Which type of tiles is the best choice?

Why it matters where you install your tiles? Would you believe me if I told you that, there are no such things as best tiles? You have all that reviews, comparisons, lists of umpteen best somethings in any given category. They cannot all be a sham, can they? The answer lies in designated uses. You […]
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