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Meet Leading Tile Contractors in Schaumburg

When you think of excellent tile installation in Schaumburg, what come to come to your mind are highest quality materials. It’s important for sure but tile installation is about much more than that. It’s also about excellent workmanship – precise yet efficient and perfect design that imparts desired style and feel to your bathroom, kitchen or lobby. Taking those three qualities together, you get service, which can be described as excellent tile installation. And that’s exactly what our Express tile contractors provide you with, so you could enjoy remarkable results in terms of both of quality of job and products used.

Services Provided by Express Tile Contractors

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Residential Tile Installation

No matter whether you look for stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles, we have it all covered. Our tile contractors help you with finding the best match for your home.

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Commercial Tile Installation

If you run a business, you know how important it’s to make proper impression. That’s where our experts come in, providing commercial tile installation that will make any place look great.

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Project Design and Consulting

If you aren’t sure about particulars of your tile installation, don’t worry. We help with preparing and adjusting design, so you could enjoy great results with little effort.

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If you strive for unique look of your home or business then you’re in the right place. We can design and execute highly customized projects that will exceed your expectations.

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Tile Transport

Found already your tiles but you don’t know how to take them home? We take care of that for you, so you could concentrate on other tasks like choosing perfect design.

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Free Estimate

It’s good to know in advance, how much you’ll pay for tile installation. That’s why, you can always ask us for an exact estimate. We do it for free!

Tile types offered by Express Tile Contractors

01Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a popular choice for tile installation, thanks to its temperature properties. Ceramic is widely recommended by tile contractors as a way to keep your home comfortable.

02Porcelain Tiles

Also popular among tile contractors, porcelain is more durable than other options. Made from fired clay, porcelain tile installation is a great choice for any home.

03Glass Tiles

Glass is less durable than other options, but tile contractors often recommend this type of tile installation in watery areas and for decorative purposes, due to its attractive appearance.

04Travertine Tiles

Made from limestone, this type of tile installation is a great choice for outdoor areas. As a natural stone, tile contractors find that its durability and pleasing aesthetic make a great accent to any home.

05Slate Tiles

Another natural stone, a slate tile installation is one of the most durable options available. Ask your tile contractors about this material for your high-traffic areas where your flooring is prone to damage.

06Marble & Stone Tiles

Marble is an incredibly attractive and elegant option for your tile installation. It tends to be a little more fragile than other options, so consult with our tile contractors when considering its placement.

Express Tile Contractors in Schaumburg – we offer what’s best for you!

We have plenty of experience on our hands, when it comes to tile installation. That extensive experience, paired with our commitment to deliver only the highest quality products and services, give us an edge in tiling business. Check for yourself our amazing offer!


Richard Croce

For our tile installation in Schaumburg, we trusted the Express Tile Contractors to help. They were outstanding in their services, from making sure we got the right tiles to the perfect installation throughout our main floor. They were a terrific choice and we are very happy with the great results.

Jessica Trotter

I am very pleased with the work of Express Tile contractors Schaumburg. They changed the look of my kitchen with a new floor and a wonderful backsplash, both of which their experts helped me choose for the right renovation I was looking for.

Michelle H. Gonzalez

Express Tile Contractors provided us with expert tile installation in Schaumburg. Our bathroom looks fantastic with matching floor and wall tiles, thanks to their great advice and, of course, their keen eye during the installation itself. Their friendly tile installation contractors were always respectful and showed their skills with every tile.

James Relyea

Our experience with Express Tile contractors Schaumburg was excellent. They were great to work with and their skills were on display as they remade our bathroom with a fresh new tile design.
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