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tile installation Schaumburg backsplash
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Our company, Express Tile Installation, offers many tile options to consider for your kitchen backsplash, ranging from ceramic and glass to porcelain and stone. But despite the appearance and the kitchen style, you should probably take into consideration the easiness of cleaning, the durability, and obviously the prices of the tiles and your budget.


Different tiles have different prices and they may vary a lot. Also, the range of those prices is quite wide. Keep in mind that when you decide to go ahead with your tile installation project, you would need to order an extra 10% of the calculated surface to account for waste and reserves.


Not all the materials are equally easy to clean. Those tiles made out of non-porous and therefore stain-resistant materials, such as glass and porcelain, are simpler to maintain. Marble tiles, on the other hand, demand a little more work and may require specialized cleaners.


Durability and resistance are also important. No one likes for the backsplash tiles in their kitchen to start to crumble or crack. Consult the best choices for your kitchen with professional tile contractors.


The color of the backsplash has to blend with the rest of your kitchen palette. Usually, a color lighter than the countertops is advisable. This retains the color and vibrancy of your kitchen. Keep patterns in mind as well; if your countertop is busy and printed, go with a more subdued tile hue.

Our tile contractors can provide you with an assessment of the best type of tiles for your kitchen. For expert tile installation service, contact Express Tile Installation.

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