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Tile Types For Flooring

Encountering the ideal floor tile types for your home depends on much more than style.  The amount of foot traffic a floor will receive is also an important point to consider.  For tile installation in Naperville, certain tiles are more durable and crack resistant than others.


Although the tones and textures provided by natural stone tiles are unique, these tiles have a much larger chance to scratch or crack, and will likely require sealing after tile installation as well as future resealing down the road. Manmade materials lack the character found in natural stone but tend to offer more reasonable floor tile pricing and are also available in a varied selection of styles and designs.


Traditionally more economical than other tile types ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of designs. Ceramic tiles are more likely than porcelain tiles to wear or chip, as they are water resistant and work well with any design aesthetic, and are more durable. Tile contractors in Naperville recommend ceramic tiles for low traffic, interior areas as they are softer.


Impermeable, smooth, and dense, porcelain tiles are suitable for any room, even your garden. Porcelain tiles can simulate the appearance of concrete, natural stones, encaustic patterns, or wood.


Made from a clay mixture, terracotta tiles have a more rustic look as they are fired at lower temperatures. They must be sealed by tile contractors and are available in a variety of earthy colors. Terracotta is not recommendable as a tile for exteriors.

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