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original porcelain tiles in bathroom schaumburg
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Which type of tiles is the best choice?

Why it matters where you install your tiles?

Would you believe me if I told you that, there are no such things as best tiles? You have all that reviews, comparisons, lists of umpteen best somethings in any given category. They cannot all be a sham, can they? The answer lies in designated uses. You may define ‘the best’ quite differently, Depending on the tiles intended purpose. For starters, consider area of the house where you want to install them.

Bathroom with its high humidity and temperature require low porosity, durable tiles, preferably made of porcelain as it fulfills best those requirements. Glass may seem choice that is even more feasible. With its wide range of colors and styles, it makes beautiful backsplashes. However, it’s way too brittle to be used for floor tiling. As far as floor tiles are concerned, it’s also important to opt for matte finish or slightly raised pattern, because of water tendency to pool on the floors and thus make the surface slippery.

The best tiles – one size (don’t) fit all

Bathroom Walls don’t require such precautions as floors, so you can install there almost any tiles you like, still sticking to porcelain. There is no saying that you cannot use other materials like stone or ceramic but due to their higher porosity and lower resistance, you have to apply sealer and polish them on regular basis. On the other hand, those products are better suited for kitchen or halls, where they don’t have to withstand such detrimental conditions. Another factor that should be taken into account is tile size.

For example, bathroom calls for smaller tiles, which provide better drainage and fit around fixtures, while kitchen does well with larger ones. However, tiny tesserae mosaic tiles look amazing everywhere but are pain to keep clean. As you can clearly see, the best type of tiles is the one that works for you.

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