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Benefits of Ceramic Tiles for Allergy Patients

Any person that suffers from allergies knows the dangers of allergy season, and usually, we use to think that culprits are outdoors, but actually many allergens can be found inside the house. Your house’s flooring tile installation, to be exact can be contributing to allergies, as specific flooring types can be a prolific space for harboring dust mites and even other allergens, leading to an environment favorable to mold growth, harmful gassing chemicals that may be worse for allergies and even more. 
People who suffer from allergies may feel as in no escape area during an allergy season: While the outdoors can be full of grass, weed pollen, trees, the inside of the house can have air quality contaminants. 
Luckily, the ceramic tiles don’t create or harbor allergens, which translates into improved indoor air quality with some benefits.

Free of Allergens Surface
According to tile contractors at Express Tile Installation, since ceramic tiles are hard-fired finish and non-organic, it is 100% free of allergens like dirt, dust, and pollen that can’t get inside the ceramic tile, rather allergens will stay on the tile surface, making it easier to clean it. If you compare this tile floor installation to flooring types that harbor allergens when moving across the surfaces that allow harbor allergens like a carpet, then due to movement on the floor those allergens can float in the air, and they may remain in the air for various hours. 
According to tile installers, ceramic tiles that are not porous make it difficult to settle and grom mildew, bacteria mold, fungi, and other irritants. According to research, they suggest that allergy patients are more sensitive to mold compared to other people, which may lead to developing respiratory issues, after inhaling a little number of mold spores. Inhaling large amounts of mold spores can make sick anyone, doesn’t matter if there had allergies or not.

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