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Can Tile Be Placed On Concrete?

According to Express Tile Installation experts, tile floors are a good election for several spaces throughout your house. This can easily serve any need in any room where floor covering is required.

If you are taking into account floor tiles as an option for your house, you may wonder if tiles can be placed over concrete. The response is, generally, and we will delve more into why next.

Tile placement data about concrete

There are no reasons to abstain from tile installation if the bottom material is concrete except if moisture finds a way through the plate. The contractor will explain to you about this and will help you determine if that is your case.

Even if that’s the case, you can still consider options that will allow you to continue with tile flooring. To get rid of moisture, you can use a bottom layer that can protect against any issue that may show up.

If no moisture issues are present, then concrete can be an excellent base for tiles. This as tiles are adaptable and capable of using uneven areas, are solid and even, so concrete can be perfect as a base because it does not flex or bend.

You can keep into account that any change in concrete due to underground water or because of roots from trees will channel it to your tiles. If you consider this as a probability, you can talk with the flooring experts about preventive safety measures for this.

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