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Geoffrey Hughes

Feeling this lucky when I realized that Express Tile is the best company around, is something I will never forget. They are honest and respectful, and when choosing from tile installers Streamwood has, they are the best option. You’ll value their skills very much when you hire them.

Margaret Byrd

All the small things with Express Tile are what counts. You appreciate them step by step, as they continue approaching you with respect, and behaving like true professionals. They are in another league compared to the other tile installers Buffalo Grove has. I recommend Express Tile especially if you don’t have a lot of experience […]

Ann Dixon

Working with Express Tile seemed like nothing special at first, but as the time passed, I liked them more and more. Now I see why from all the tile installers in Schaumburg they are the most renowned. Along with the excellent quality they give you an excellent price, which doesn’t happen very often. I won’t […]

Emily Herrera

I don’t have much experience in tile installation Palatine area. Express Tile saw that, and instead of taking advantage of me, they advised me what was the best option from all I had in mind. I recommend them to anyone looking for tile installation contractors, because you won’t find anyone better here.

Cody Strickland

It was my third time working with Express Tile. Unlike other people working in tile installation Schaumburg has, they are true experts in their field. Also, their prices are on a very acceptable level.

Cindy Edwards

Contacting other tile installation companies in Buffalo Grove is unnecessary, because Express Tile has all you are looking for.

Ismael West

Their workers are professional in every way. If I had to do tile installation one more time, I would still choose Express Tile.

Sonya Sandoval

Don’t bother with looking up all the companies for tile installation Schaumburg has. Express Tile is the best option possible.

Conrad Adams

My opinion about Express Tile is good. Unlike other tile installers, they left me no choice, as what they did in my home was excellent.

Anita Pena

I didn’t know what to do with all the options for tile installation Schaumburg had, but I think I’ve found the best one, which was Express Tile.
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